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MegaMicrobes - your secret weapon for safe drain cleaning

MegaMicrobes® Liquid is a superior biological treatment for degrading fats, oil, grease and other organic waste that cause blockages and odors. What makes MegaMicrobes superior is a combination of effective ingredients and the production quality. MegaMicrobes Liquid contains a patented, exclusive formulation of non-pathogenic pseudomonas bacteria strain that is not available in typical off-the-shelf consumer products. This product has earned a coveted listing in the EPA's Safer Choice program for products demonstrably shown to be safer for the environment based on a number of scientific factors.

MegaMicrobes® Dry formula is a premium blend of specially grown bacillus bacteria and activating enzymes embedded in a biodegradable powder base. This product has one of the highest counts of friendly bacteria available in consumer-size packaging, and cannot be compared to weak, high-cost-per use off-the-shelf products like Rid-X. A single 2-pound jar of MegaMicrobes Dry can provide up to 100 drain treatments. Safe and effective for all types of drain and septic systems, and many other applications.

Specialty Products include MegaMicrobes Beverage Line Cleaner and industrial grade waste digestant, MegaMicrobes PB-5.


Property and Facility Managers: You can SLASH plumbing and jetting costs with a proven implementation of a MegaMicrobes biomaintenance program. Learn more...


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