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Commercial Kitchens

An Effective, Green Solution for Restaurant and Institutional Kitchens

restaurant-kitchen-chef-cleans.jpgEven the cleanest looking kitchen produces wastes that can potentially harm the local water supply with unfiltered fats, oils, and grease (FOG) that gets past required grease traps. Accumulated FOG waste in traps can create overflows, foul odors, and even health risks within the kitchen itself.

Most municipalities are ramping up their codes and enforcement to better address the growing problem of FOG waste produced in commercial and institutional kitchens. Traditional methods of physically trying to capture the bulk of waste and dispose of it periodically are simply not a sufficient remedy to the problem.

A process of applied bioremediation with Bio-Clean or MegaMicrobes™ formulas can be an effective and economical solution for mitigating FOG waste and reducing the headaches associated with that waste. It is a cost-effective approach to FOG control and management.

Bio-Clean powder and MegaMicrobes Liquid are two of themost powerful compounds of friendly bacteria and enzymes capable of digesting the build-up of grease, oil and fat in commercial kitchens and restaurants. It is specially formulated for direct addition to grease traps and drains in restaurants, hotels, resorts, schools, and food processing plants, hospitals, municipal and commercial buildings. It can fully restore non-performing grease traps and drain fields.

Bioredex cleaners contain billions of hungry bacteria that go to work immediately digesting all organic waste and FOG. In order to ensure the rapid digestion of the waste, the formula contains enzymes, the catalysts necessary to begin or speed up the break-down of starch and complex carbohydrates. Onces the enzymes break down the FOG into smaller pieces, the bacteria are able to completely digest the organic waste tyrning it into odorless carbon dioxide and water.

Bio-Clean's unique blend of bacteria and enzymes double in number every 30 minutes and can digest up to 100 pounds of fats, oils, grease and organics in a 24-hour period. It rapidly reduces the depth of FOG in the trap and optimizes grease trap performance.

Bio-Clean and MegaMicrobes formulas are GREEN solutions for restaurant grease management.

  • Environmentally safe for humans, plants and animals
  • All natural, 100% biodegradable
  • Salmonella-free
  • Non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-caustic, non-polluting
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents or soap
  • Does not emulsify grease and oil (separate it) - it digests it!
  • Prevents build-ups and reduces odors
  • Easy ro use, inexpensive, and safe
  • Pre-measured biopack requires no pre-mixing
  • Save on repairs and service calls, messy clean-ups
  • Avoid liability and regulatory fines
  • Promote effective environmental practices in your community

Which product should you get?

If you have multiple sink and floor drains that clog up and/or produce bad odors, as well as messy grease trap, our best value is a 25-pound bucket of Bio-Clean powder. (2-pound jars with quantity discounts also available.) It also does a great job eliminating clogs and odors in restrooms. 

For a powerful liquid solution that requires no mixing, you want MegaMicrobes Liquid. A few ounces can be poured directly into your trap or drain and it will go right to work. This product is ideal for automated daily injection into your grease trap using our optional timed dispenser.

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