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logo-neologic-300.pngWith the acquisition in 2015 of Bioredex, NeoLogic Solutions now offers a complete spectrum of treatment systems, filters and chemicals to treat water to municipal drinking standards to clarifying grey water as it returns to local environments. Our staff has decades of experience in the commercial, industrial, and municipal water markets. NeoLogic is proud to have team members who have achieved extensive training and certification with the Water Quality Association, making them Certified Water Specialists. NeoLogic Solutions – Filtration Division is also a member of the Water Environment Federation, the American Water Works Association, and the Association of Water Technologies which are all not-for-profit water industry organizations.  MegaMicrobes products are distributed on this site through Fresh Water Systems, Inc. 

The mission of our biotechnology division is to provide information and cost-effective products that address the growing problem of waste accumulation in municipal water supplies. In a perfect world, these wastes would decompose on their own from bacteria that is already present within the waste itself.  In reality, these types of bacteria are either overwhelmed or incapable of digesting general levels of fats, oil, and grease being output into community sewer systems.

Our products bridge the market gap between high-end microbials for massive-scale water treatment plants and typical off-the-shelf plumbing products with low bacterial counts and poor composition that don’t do the job. This translates into a true bio-remediation solutions for home owners and every type of commercial enterprise that needs to prevent blockages and odors, eliminate costly maintenance repairs, and reduce waste output into their local environment – which  not only represents good stewardship in the community, but in more and more jurisdictions, compliance with legal regulations


MegaMicrobes products are formulated by scientists who specialize in the industrial fermentation of non-pathogenic (friendly) micro-organisms whose unique properties can be combined with triggering natural enzymes and biodegradable “carrier” substances into customized products.  Each product has specific capabilities for effectively breaking down organic compounds ranging from simple fats and oils to recalcitrant aromatic hydrocarbons. MegaMicrobes is manufactured in the USA under the highest laboratory quality-control standards, and are offered with guaranteed microbial counts.

NeoLogic is a member of the AWWA, WEF, and AWT

What's Better About MegaMicrobes?

Bio-additives have been around for awhile - owners of septic tanks may be familiar with some off-the-shelf brands. Bioredex products are not sold in stores - but does that make them a better choice? We're confident that it does for a number of reasons:

  • More powerful digestive action -  our flagship powder blend contains 1 billion CFU (colony-forming bacteria cells) per gram - far outpacing most competing products
  • Safe - non-poisonous; does not produce heat, fumes, or boiling like caustic chemicals - it is harmless to people, animals, and piping. And, it is not only environmentally friendly - it is extremely beneficial
  • Inexpensive - low cost-per-use with even higher cost efficiencies for bulk quantities
  • Made in the USA - all products are produced in the U.S. under strict quality control standards. At each step of the manufacturing process, samples are taken and tested to ensure proper microbial viability, performance attributes, that only the selected microbe is present and that there are no pathogens
  • MegaMicrobes® is listed in the US Environmental Protection Agency's Safer Choice program
  • Long Shelf Life - our special formulation of bacteria and enzymes will stay dormant and potent for years if kept dry. Bioredex can be safely and inexpensively shipped to any country in the world and remain fully effective
  • Multiple Applications - MegaMicrobes can be used effectively to remediate everything from a slow home shower drain, to restaurant grease traps,  to stagnant livestock waste lagoons or a saturated septic field. Our products are used by homeowners and farmers, restaurants and high-rise office buildings, parks and clinics.
  • Innovation - We are continuously researching new formulations and delivery systems to provide the best product for specific applications.

*CO² trace amounts that are naturally present in the environment - not the industrial emissions producing quantities that impact climate change.

Home owners, restaurant and apartment managers have been snapping up MegaMicrobes products, and they are a special favorite at consumer shows emphasizing sustainable lifestyles and green products. These products are custom-blended in small, controlled batches that undergo dozens of quality control checks. Off-the-shelf “bio-products” claim to do a similar job, but don’t come close to MegaMicrobes in effectiveness and low cost-per-use, as proven by customer results.  

MegaMicrobes® is registered trademark of NeoLogic Solutions., a South Carolina-based corporation. Please contact us here with any questions or comments, including distributor inquiries.

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