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MegaMicrobes® Liquid



Why spending about $50 to unclog your drains the right way can save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

Stop wasting money on ineffective products that actually cost more per use, and often end up costing you even more for expensive plumber visits.

With up to 32 uses from one bottle of MegaMicrobes® Liquid natural drain cleaner, it's actually quite a value compared to off-the-shelf drain "openers" that give you one or two uses at most. But the real value of MegaMicrobes is that it actually clears out out the built-up, odor producing drain waste by breaking it down biologically. That's quite different than applying highly toxic and caustic material to the drain which attempts to burn its way through the waste without actually removing most of the build-up on the pipe walls.

MegaMicrobes Liquid

MegaMicrobes® Liquid puts a strain of non-pathogenic (friendly) bacteria to work which are not typically found in consumer-class products. Our formula has not one but two U.S. patents based on a proprietary process that delivers a highly effective waste digester in a stable solution that is convenient, economical, and odor-free.

The performance-ready, friendly bacteria in MegaMicrobes remove fat, oil, grease and other organic waste build-up through biological digestion that breaks down these substances into their simpler molecular parts, essentially water and CO2. MegaMicrobes contains no emulsifiers, detergents or other ingredients which may be frowned upon by local regulatory authorities and the environmental community.

 MegaMicrobes® Liquid has been authorized to display the U.S. EPA's Design for the Environment on its label, indicating that our MegaMicrobes Liquid meets the program's stringent requirements intended to allow "customers to quickly identify and choose products that can help protect the environment and are safer for families." Learn more about the EPA's Design for the Environment here.

Cleaner discharged water conserves municipal energy use for treatment. MegaMicrobes solution reduces FOG (fats, oils, and grease) waste in local sewer water, a major concern of municipalities all over the world.

*for 2-4 bottles; 6 or more free shipping to contiguous US states only

 Is MegaMicrobes really stronger than a product like Drano or Liquid Plumr?
Caustic products deliver powerful acid solutions into pipes to “burn” through a clog. This may alleviate the problem temporarily, but will not actually clean the pipe or digest waste. The strongest acid cannot defy gravity and propagate up, down and sideways to get at the source of the problem. Caustic products are also harmful to pipes (just ask a plumber!), dangerous to handle, and bad for the local environment.

How do I use MegaMicrobes to get my drains flowing?
The recommended treatment for most household drains is simply 2 ounces (use the built-in measuring cup) poured down the drain and then left alone for 6-8 hours. A good time for treatment is before going to bed or leaving for work. This gives the microbes time to multiply and go to work in the drain trap and surrounding areas where most waste has accumulated. The bacteria will break down waste on the pipe walls which in turn will release hair and other trapped materials.

If your you have a lot of accumulation built-up over years, you may need to repeat the above treatment for several days to get maximum cleaning and flow. If you have a total stoppage, we also recommend restoring at least minimal flow with a drain plunger or other physical means, if possible, before applying MegaMicrobes. Once drain flow is fully restored, apply basic 2-ounce treatment on a monthly basis, or as needed, to keep clogs and odors from forming. Use it for maintanining all of your drains!

Can MegaMicrobes be used in appliances?
Yes-you can use MegaMicrobes anywhere organic waste has accumulated, including dishwashers and garbage disposals. The solution works best when applied in standing water and when the appliance will not be used for 6-8 hours. Please see our online directions for more detailed information.

How does MegaMicrobes compare with other “biological” products?
See for yourself! We placed a sample of organic material – in this case pieces of cat food – into two beakers of water. Into one we added blue MegaMicrobes and the other a leading off-the-shelf brand. After about an hour you can clearly see the powerful bacterial action breaking down the particles on the left. MegaMicrobes contains specially cultured strain of friendly pseudomonas bacteria in a patented high-dose formulation that goes right to work – no mixing or “dwell time” required. Unlike most other "biological" products, MegaMicrobes Liquid contains no added detergents (surfactants) or fragrance, and does not rely on added enzymes. The foaming low-count microbial-plus-additives mixture on the right can’t compete at breaking down the waste.


MegaMicrobes's formula has been awarded two patents and is also listed in the EPA's Design for the Environment program, marking it as a "best in its class" product based on both its effectiveness and environmental benefits.

Is MegaMicrobes available in stores?
MegaMicrobes is only available online or through selected service providers and a few independent stores. Produced in the USA in limited batches under strict quality control standards, it was not designed for mass distribution through retail channels requiring large-scale warehousing.

Is MegaMicrobes expensive?
Even though MegaMicrobes is a premium, patented formulation, its cost is modest - a 64-ounce bottle has up to 32 uses in household drains, about a dollar and change per use. That's a lot less than most off-the-shelf toxic drain "openers" that don't do the real cleaning work of MegaMicrobes. Volume purchases, starting with two bottles, lower the cost even more. Because it is sold directly online or through a limited network of distributors, we are able to maintain very high quality standards while keeping the price reasonable.

What about a guarantee?
When used as per instructions, MegaMicrobes is warranted to give full customer satisfaction. Warranty is limited to the refund of the purchase price upon return of the bottle(s) with the unused portion of the product. Please contact us by phone or email to receive return authorization.

Purchase MegaMicrobes online now and receive a special reduced price, free shipping in the contiguous U.S., and our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Here's a summary of the features of MegaMicrobes:

  • Exceptional bacterial activity with an exclusive, patented formulation made in the U.S.A.
  • An industrial-strength product that is perfectly suited for both home and commercial use
  • Uses friendly microbial strains not found in other off-the-shelf bio-products
  • No foul odor, neutral-pleasant smell
  • Speeds breakdown and digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and even petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • Listed with the EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) program for its environmental benefits
  • Cost-effective and affordable - up to 32 uses per 64-ounce bottle
  • Use in all drains, appliances, pipes, septic tanks, grease traps, waste water ponds and more
  • Innovative new bottle design foiled sealed for shipping; built-in measuring cup prevents waste & mess when applying
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • One-year stated shelf life
  • Quantity and bulk discounts for commercial and institutional users

*for 2-4 bottles; 6 or more free shipping to contiguous US states only


You may not have a lift station to clean, but look how MegaMicrobes cleans up layers of thick sludge clogging up the waste water above after a 30-day treatment. Think of how MegaMicrobes will clean up yourdrains, pipes, or tanks. And remember, MegaMicrobes is non-toxic, non-hazardous, safe for pipes, and good for your local environment.

If you have a restaurant or institutional kitchen - you need MegaMicrobes! Ask us about bulk quantities and an effective system for automatically dispensing small amounts into your grease traps and lines on a daily basis.

Purchase MegaMicrobes online now and receive a special reduced price, free shipping in the contiguous U.S., and our money-back satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for bulk size purchases for service providers, institutions, clinics, and government agencies.

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