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Septic Systems

Restore Septic Tank Efficiency the Natural, Cost-Effective Way

Most septic systems in operation today are not functioning well. Chemicals, bleaches, detergents, food preservatives, anti-bacterial soaps, and bowl cleaners inhibit or kill bacterial action within the system. This lets solids accumulate in the tank, some which flow out and clog the drainfield. Replacing a failed septic system can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars!

Bio-Clean can save you money and protect your investment. The bacteria and enzymes in this amazing product have been specially formulated to biodegrade the fats, oils, grease, and synthetic organics clogging your septic system. With regular maintenance treatment, Bio-Clean will keep your septic system operating trouble free for years.

How Your Septic System Works

septictank3.jpgThere are a wide variety of system designs. Your system may not be exactly like these diagrams. However, the basic principles of operation apply to all systems.

(A) Septic tanks are designed to allow bacteria and enzymes to biodegrade organic waste. This amazing process actually converts waste into water, carbon dioxide and small amounts of mineral matter.


(B) Incoming solid matter sinks. Soap and grease float. The tank has an outlet baffle to hold in undigested waste. Only clean water should leave the tank and enter the lateral pipes.




(C) Water flows out of the laterals into a bed of gravel or sand which acts as a final filter before the water runs out.


Why Bio-Clean or MegaMicrobes for Septics

Many pumpers are reluctant to recommend bio-additives. One reason is because health officials and even engineers claim that everything needed to break down waste is contained in the waste. This is simply not the case. Firstly, typical septic tank bacteria are incapable of digesting grease. Bio-Clean and MegaMicrobes contain microbes specifically selected to digest grease right in the tank. Since grease floats, this is a process you can actually see happen - over several weeks scum blankets covering a tank virtually disappear. This helps anyone hauling waste water away as the the lower grease levels will make it more acceptable to dump sites.

Another reason self-contained bacteria is not effective is due to the high amounts of synthetic detergents (undigestable) and anti-bacterial soap products (kills friendly bacteria) that are added to household water these days.

Unlike many products which can break up the waste and then plug up the lateral pipes and drainfield, Bioredex products have repeatedly demonstrated its ability to digest this build-up, even on severely clogged fields that had stopped taking water.

Please note that we do not claim to eliminate the need for pumping - nothing on the market can eliminate pumping, not matter what some products claim. Use of superior biological products will, however, dramatically reduce the amount of sludge present when you do pump. This is because as waste is digested it is reduced in volume and much degraded.

Bio-Clean and MegaMicrobes each contain a larger quantity, a higher quality and a unique combination of ingredients not found in other septic tank products. In fact, Bioredex biological products can even restore failing septic fields in most cases.

The bottom line? Monthly treatments of Bio-Clean or MegaMicrobes will restore the necessary bacterial action to your septic system and make your system work at full efficiency saving you money both on routine maintenance and the possibility of repairs costing thousands of dollars.

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