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MegaMicrobes® Dry Usage Guide

Apply when drains will not be used for 6 to 8 hours. First time users, treat every drain 5 consecutive days. Maintenance: treat once per month. Mixing MegaMicrobes® with warm water works best. Let sit for a few minutes and then pour. A tablespoon in 1 pint of water is the baseline treatment.
Sinks/ Tub/ Shower: Mix 1 tablespoon of MEGAMICROBES  with 1 pint of water.

Floor Drains: Mix 3 tablespoons of MEGAMICROBES  with 3 pints of water.

Toilets: Mix 2 tablespoons of MEGAMICROBES  with 2 pints water. Pour mixture in toilet, then add 2 pints plain water to the bowl to push more of th product out of the toilet and into the sewer line. Do not flush for several hours.

Garbage Disposals: Mix 1 tablespoon in 1 pint water. With disposal running, quickly dump in product and turn off disposal so product gets thrown onto side walls where food particles accumulate.

Multi-Story Homes: Start the 5-day treatment in the basement (or first level.) Go up one floor and repeat until each floor has been treated for 5 days.

Septic Tank/ Cesspool: Regular application of a powerful biological treatment like MegaMicrobes powder will significantly reduce the build-up of solid waste and odor. Think of this treatment like a "pro-biotic" supplement for your septic system that counteracts the effects of antibacterial soaps, chemical cleaners, chlorine, and excess levels of food waste that work against naturally occuring degradation.

Most septic tanks will require professional pumping at some point as it is nearly impossible to eliminate all solid waste buildup. Adding MegaMicrobes is always helpful, but it is most effective to begin treatment about 2 weeks after a pumping so that you have both a clean tank and a an adequete level of waste water to work with.

If the system has not been pumped for a long time, you should try to see the level of solid waste on the top of the water in the tank if possible. If you have more than 6 inches of top-crust, or more than a foot thick sludge layer on the bottom, pumping is recommended before bio-treatment.

The recommended initial treatment using MegaMicrobes DRY is to use one pound (a half jar) of powder mixed in 2 gallons of water for every 500 gallons of tank capacity. This should be mixed well and then poured directly into the tank or the nearest drain or commode leading to the tank. Try to apply when there will be least amount of plumbing activity for 6-8 hours to minimize diffusion of the solution.

After the initial treatment, you can maintain the septic system health with monthly drain treatments around your home and property as described above, using only a tablespoon or so of powder for each drain.

For Septic Fields use 2 lbs. of MEGAMICROBES  mixed with 2 gallons water for every 50 feet of field pipe. Apply through distribution box, vent pipes, or clean out.
Bioredex MEGAMICROBES  microbes eat the waste that clogs drains and septics. They work best with biodegradable cleaners. Use chlorinated, antiseptic or anti-bacterial products sparingly.

In some cases where there is a great deal of waste accumulation built up over time, stoppage may occur during treatment due to chunks of waste loosened. Use a plunger or cable to restore flow. Do not become discouraged – this means MegaMicrobes is removing the build-up and with periodic treatment will prevent re-accumulation.

MegaMicrobes Dry MSDS (safety data.)

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