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Bio-Clean® Competitive Test

Bio-Clean Beats the Competition

Bio-Clean drain and septic cleaner has been put to the test repeatedly against similar products in the marketplace by independent, third-party laboratories. Tests are done for enzyme activity, plate count, and, as shown in the chart below, the percentage of organic material digested in 12 hours. The substrate (organic testing material) used consists of 8% fat, 30% protein, 28% carbohydrates, and 4.8% cellulose. One gram of each of the products was placed in 100 ml of water along with one gram of substrate and kept at 28º C.

All tests were performed by a completely independent laboratory and all results are on file at the factory.


With many new brands coming into the market every year, it is important to note that there is very little difference in the core bacterial components used - they are only available from a small number of suppliers. Even large brand names obtain this material from among these suppliers, so the real differences come from concentration and cosmetic properties such as coloring and fragrance. Bio-Clean's formulation, based on years of experience and specialized expertise, has consistently shown superior results in test after test.

Bio-Clean is Most Cost-Effective

We recently looked at a new liquid biological cleaner by one of the most familiar household cleaning brands found on supermarket shelves. We'll call it Product X (one of the letters in the company's name).

Product X has a retail shelf price of $7.99 for a 32-ounce bottle, which has a stated eight (8) uses. You would have to purchase at least 12 of these bottles to obtain the equivalent usage of a single 2-pound can of Bio-Clean at half the cost.

Bio-Clean Stays Strong on the Shelf
Product X states that it should be used within one year. Bio-Clean has a shelf life of five years or more when kept dry. Many of the liquid products like Product X are close to being biologically dead, especially if you are purchasing them well after their actual production date.

Find Out for Yourself
We welcome anyone testing Bio-Clean for themselves, against any competitive product, including those from some of the largest companies in the world! Click here to watch a simple demonstration that you can try at home, using ordinary pet food. Seeing is believing!
Bio-Clean contains more bacteria and more enzymes than any product anywhere in the world. So don't be taken in by fancy marketing talk and so-called scientific explanations by various manufacturers. What counts is how the product actually performs in drains and septic systems.

Bio-Clean is the performance leader. ORDER BIO-CLEAN.

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