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MegaMicrobes does the job on condo pit

I own a 4-unit condominium where our ejector pit is attached to three other laundries. The excess soap crud creates a real mess. We're on our second case of MegaMicrobes Liquid. You just need to make sure you have enough water covering the pump, and try to apply when there is little usage to let the bacteria to work. We saw an overnight elimination of the residue buildup with the product and we just ordered another 6-pack.

Tim M, Chicago

Lifelong Customers

I just wanted to say how happy I am I found your product. Our business was needing olfactory relief and your microbes did the trick! I use it religiously (weekly maintenance) now and our place of business is working so much better! We are now lifelong customers. I highly recommend this product.

Debbie R (Church Worker, Texas)

Saves Thousands of Dollars

We had a customer who needed a $5,000 drain field repair. With a DFA MegaMicrobes treatment, the problem was fixed, with results noticeable within 3 days. We saved our customer thousands of dollars, and now they make sure that we always supply them with MegaMicrobes.

Plumber, Kansas

Restaurant Woes Cured

A restaurant had water leak into a crawlspace, causing excessive odor. We applied MegaMicrobes to the soil are, which significantly reduced the odor. The grease interceptor was in this area as well and also had horrible odors. We applied MegaMicrobes to the grease interceptor, and the odor was under control within 20 minutes. After 4 weeks of applyingMegaMicrobes to these areas, the odor and grease were gone and the crawl space was in great condition.

Plumber, Ohio

This stuff is great!

Where can I purchase MegaMicrobes? This stuff is great. My drain lines were clogged and now it’s working great!!! I love it!!!

Homeowner, North Carolina

Generating Heat

By putting MegaMicrobes in freshly pumped septic tanks, we get the tanks to operate properly. When the tanks operate properly due to the biological activity in the tank, they produce enough heat to prevent freezing in the winter when there is no snow to protect them.

Plumber, WIsconsin

It Works!

I received this little gem about a month ago. It works! I am a big fan of not only eliminating chemicals from my home but helping the environment as well. With an elderly parent that lives with me and my husband, allergies and health issues, I wanted to give this a try. No fumes, and no corrosive junk! Followed instructions for use and it worked just great. Our upstairs bathroom always has a bigger clogging issue so I used the 5 days in a row and it cleared it right up. I will be using this periodically to maintenance and I will be reordering this product! We were impressed.

Nancy F.

The Drum Trap Solution

i had a slow draining shower in my 83 year old house partly due to build up in old pipes and partly due to a 'drum trap'. i was told by a licensed plumber it would never be a normal draining shower due to the drum trap. after treating my drains with Bio-clean the shower drains perfectly and i even get a swirling action at the drain. no more showers while standing in 2 feet of water! i highly recommend bio-clean for any house.

Bryan Evans

Great Stuff

I bought Bio Clean from a plumber who recommended it about 8 or 9 years ago. I used it for awhile, then forgot all about it. About a month ago, I was having problems with a slow drain in my downstairs bathroom. I found the bioclean in the basement and decided to try it. It took close to a month using it everyday, but it works like new. This is great stuff.

Arla L.

Customer for Life

I want to thank you for your response to my question and also let you know how much I love your product. We had been battling drain flies for nearly three months. I had used the green liquid drain gel as that is what I had read about multiple times on the web in an effort to rid my home of a severe drain fly infestation. I bought a case of this green drain gel and used it in larger quantities and for longer than recommended. The flies did not go away and in fact they grew larger in number. I was beside myself and called a plumber to come and put a camera down my pipes. He could not find anything, and suggested that I try Bio-Clean. I had already spent nearly a grand on the green drain gel, the plumber coming out to camera my pipes, and for him to fix a problem that I didn't know that I had, so I figured that I had nothing to lose. I used Bio-Clean for 10 days and my drain fly problem has been eliminated. I will now be using it as maintenance on my pipes so that I do not have this problem again. Thank you for making this great product. I know that it works because the concrete around my outside drain is sparking white. You gave a customer for life.

Dawn F.

Works in Dishwashers

I came home from a business trip last week to have my wife inform me that the dishwasher stopped working. Immediately found sitting water and a trap at the bottom filled with bits of dinner from the past month or two. (The kids just won't listen when I tell them to clean off those plates first!) Anyway, I scooped what I could of the mess by hand, cleaned the trap screens, but still had the standing water. Since it's pretty tough to plunge or otherwise get at the drain piping in a dishwasher, my first thought was a scoop of Bio-Clean. I let it sit quietly overnight, applied one more scoop in the morning, and ran the machine that afternoon. Clog gone, drain clear, clean dishes! Bio-Clean just works...better than anything I have seen.

R. Victor

Cheaper Than a Plumber's Visit

With a 75-year old house and New York City plumbers' visits starting at $100 just to walk in the door, I was looking for an ongoing solution to slow-draining pipes throughout the house. Bio-Clean cleared them within 2 days and I intend to "feed" it to my sinks and shower on a regular basis. As I live by myself, I especially like that it is easy to apply, not at all messy to use, and I don't have to touch any tools at all.

Michelle S

Reclaiming Soil

Sometime ago you donated a case of Bio-Clean for us to take to Zimbabwe on our upcoming mission trip. We took the material with us and during our stay instructed one teacher on how it was to be used. She seriously doubted that it would work but follwed our instructions. She even stuck a stick on the top. One day she came to tell us that the stick had disappeared and the toilet was empty. She was nearly dancing with joy, She was sold.

After that another teacher was taught how to use the material. All of the pit toilets at the school were treated both those used by the teachers and the students. The school enrollment is approximately 734 children. It has been so successful that it has eliminated the need to build new banks of toilets for the students thereby saving a great deal of money for building materials. In the past when new toilets were built the old ones were left and they continued polluting the ground and became an eyesore to the landscape. Thie material could certainly solve one source of pollution in the rural area of Zimbabwe. We are so grateful for your contribution to our mission.

R. Pippett, Chariman , Renewed Hope Charitable Foundation

1918 House - Biology Does What Liquid Plumbr Cannot

My sink was draining very slowly in my 1918 house. I tried Drain-O and Liquid Plumber to no avail. I snaked the pipe with no improvement. I decided to search the internet for advice on how to fix my problem hoping to avoid the expense of having a plumber come to clear the pipes. I saw references to Bio-Clean on a number of different sites and decided to give it a try. I put one tablespoon in the drain before I went to bed...when I woke up the it seemed like the drain was even slower, but I wasn't worried at all. By the afternoon, I got out my snake to help loosen it a bit...suddenly there was whoosh and the sink drained completely! That was after only a single treatment of your product, even though I was told I would have to use it for at least 5 consecutive days! I'm going to continue the treatment for 4 days and then move to a maintenance schedule. I just can't express how thrilled I am with this product!! I'm telling everyone I know it's a must have. I know that I'll be keeping some on hand forever.

S. Finkelstein

Clean Drains After 20 Years

My 50-year old house has 50-year old plumbing. The drains were so slow I couldn't flush the commode while doing the laundry. Even when idle, the commode would gurgle and fill with soapsuds when the laundry was draining. And every few years the pipes would back up completely, and I would have to pay a plumber to roto-root the line. Then my new plumber recommended Bio-Clean. After 3 cycles of 5-days-in-a-row, once-a-month treatments, my pipes suddenly cleared, the laundry no longer caused the commode to act up, and my plumbing is trouble-free for the first time in 20 years! And it has remained trouble-free for months. It's a miracle! Thank you, Bio-Clean!

S. Jones

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